Thursday, September 30, 2010

To life! To life! L'chai-im!

I have grown up with a mother who has instilled many things in her being that Fiddler on the Roof is the best movie ever made. Period! As a child I watched Fiddler on the Roof and My Fair Lady just as much as I watched Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast. SO when I stumbled across this video I couldn't help but think of my mom and also how sweet this would be! Seriously though... best family ever? I think so! My family can feel free to do something like this at my wedding in 30 years! I promise to look as surprised and cute as Vanessa!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Paxton's a Latter Day Saint

Yep that's right everyone Paxton got baptized last week! He was so cute and we are so proud of him! Before we left for the church I was helping him get his shirt and tie on and as I was tucking in his shirt he was getting frustrated and at one point he said to me "Meg if you touch me one more time I am not getting baptized!!" I told my mom this and she told me that he had been using that threat all week... what a kid!

But the day was great and I was so glad that I could be there! I have now been to all my siblings baptisms! I sang at my own, probably sang at Mitch and Russ', talked at Jocelyn's, and my mom, Jocelyn, and I sang at Paxton's! Mitch baptized Paxton so that was really special and Russell was a witness and said the opening prayer, and my dad confirmed Pax. It was quite the family affair! Aunt Kathy (Palmer) talked on Baptism and Cousin Nolan talked on the Holy Ghost and both did amazing jobs.

I am so grateful that all of my family have chosen to be baptized and confirmed members of the church! I have the best family in the world and love them all so much!

Lookin Sharp!

He thinks he so cool...
I couldn't love him more... I'm sure of it!
Russ and Pax
I am so proud of all three of these boys!

He loves me I swear!
p.s I died my hair! You can sort of see it in this picture!
I love him and this pictures!

Also our sister Jocelyn is alive and well. She was also present for the baptism but she was late and rushing to get ready so she missed the pictures! Kinda sad we didn't get a family picture... We should probably get family pictures taken, its only been 5 years since we last got them taken... If only we knew a photographer....


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

BIG day!

Well yesterday my baby brother turned 8 YEARS OLD! Yep I may or may not have shed a tear! He is my baby brother, like I said, and will forever be 3 years old in my mind! I remember when my mom and dad told us that we were going to have another brother or sister and we all kind of laughed and thought they were joking.... turns out they were serious! Why were we so shocked? Maybe because they had definitely in their minds had enough after Joce! BUT I guess Paxton thought we were the coolest family in the world and wanted to join us and we are all so grateful he did!  I remember the day he was born vividly! It was a Friday and my parents made us kids go to school and I called my aunt between every single class wanting updates! Finally the bell rang and we all ran home to find out that Paxton James Maxwell had finally been arrived! Now he is 8 years old and getting baptized on Thursday! CRAZY! He is a little hellion but we all love his SO much and so glad he decided to come and surprise us!
The birthday boy and me!

My mom use to say that he was going to be the death of her! After all she did have him when she was 40 and will be almost 60 when he graduates high school... but now I think she is very glad to have him since after the news we got yesterday she is down to only 2 kids living at home! Why is this? Because Russ found out yesterday that he and Mitch will both be Lethbridge Hurricanes this year!! WOO! I found out after work yesterday when I walked into the house and Russ was talking on the phone. Russ is the type of person that you can read like a book! He is the worst liar in the world and his face is so easy to read! SO when I walked in and he was grinning ear to ear talking on the phone and my dad was standing there also grinning ear to ear I put two and two together! Russ ended up being the only 16 year old they kept! We are all so excited and proud of both Mitch and Russ for how hard they have had to work to get to where they are! We got to watch them play a pre season game last week and it was so fun to watch them play on the same line together! I doubt this will be a regular occurrence but it was nice while it lasted! I think it's probably a good thing since every time Russ got hit at all Mitch, being the great big brother he is, would attack whoever was trying to mess with Russ... Anyway after Russ called all the uncles, cousins, grandmas, and friends I was talking to him and he was just so excited! He couldn't talk to me without smiling and giggling! He has had to go through a lot in his hockey career and I proud that he has stuck it out!

The Newest Hurricane!

Overall yesterday was a really happy and exciting day at the Maxwell house! Lately my life has been pretty dang sweet! I am so grateful for all the blessing that our father in heaven has blessed not only me but my family with! I am a lucky girl and try not to take it for granted!

Monday, September 13, 2010


how am i feeling today?

(Photo via Papertissue)
pretty dang fabulous!
my weekend was great!
i love when you feel like you have made the right choices
and everything just might work out!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Little Hurricane Brothers

Okay so I have 3 little brothers. They are all very different but they are also very alike. One thing that they all have in common is that they are CRAZY athletic! Actually my little sister is too... what happened with me? ANYWAY I have grown up following Mitch and Russ all over the country watching them play hockey and baseball! I have been to more small towns in the middle of nowhere than anyone I know, except maybe them and my parents! But I am not complaining one bit! I love watching them! I would rather watch them play hockey or baseball over doing most anything! My mom and I were joking last weekend while watching their Hurricane tryouts that I am going to end up marrying someone who cooks, cleans, bakes, and sews and I will be the one that watches Sports Center and TSN and goes to all the sporting events! This will probably happen... not kidding!

So right now Mitch and Russ are both trying to make the Lethbridge Hurricane's team, well Mitch isn't really trying out I think his spot is pretty secure! BUT Russ is only 16 and they only take like 1 or 2 16 year olds so we will have to see! I obviously think he should make it and think he is the best 16 year old hockey player in the world... but I may be a little biased.... So to end things you should all pray that Russ scores a million goals this weekend in Tri City and that he makes the team so I can watch Mitch and Russ play hockey together on the same team! This has never happened and I think it would be SUPPPPAA cool if it did! Also Global News did this really sweet story on the both of them and think that it's worth watchin!


They Boys!
Mitch and Russ were on the same baseball team for MHS
when Mitch was in grade 12 and Russ was in
grade 9

Paxton started "real" baseball this year! I think he is like
2 years to young but whatever he did fine!

Mitch playin Bulls baseball this summer!

Russ playin ball in Kalispell!

I know these are all baseball pictures and I just talked about hockey but it was just baseball season so I had more pics of that!
P.S I don't have kids of my own to blog/brag about so I guess for now these guys will have to do! Maybe my mom should get a blog?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

All Grown Up

Today I woke up and got ready for work and headed out the door, just like a normal day! As soon as I got in my car and pulled out I realized that there was WAY more traffic around me than there usually is! That's when I realized that all the drivers looked about my age and I realized that today is the first day of school for college and university students. I thought that when this day would come I would be so happy that I didn't have to go to school but NOPE! I was overcome with a feeling of sadness! Especially when I drove passed the college and realized that I wouldn't be making the walk from the institute building to the tech building anymore. But mostly I was sad because of the faces that I won't see everyday!

These faces would be Jenelle's, Marcel's, Kara's, and Sarah's! Over the 2 years we went to school together I grew to adore each of them! We mostly bonded over how I was mormon and how each day they would ask my a zillion and one questions! Like did I celebrate christmas, do I have one mom, why do I get to sport normal clothes,  why I couldn't just go to the bar and dance and not drink? They were also always looking out for me! Telling me which movies I couldn't go to, what places I should go, and always telling me which boys I could and could not date. I think that they know more about me than most people since they would ask my so many questions! We also did other things like going to Subway every lunch hour cause it's my favorite, going to hurricane games, doing something crazy for my birthday every year, having our annual dinner and punch at my house and tons of other fun stuff!

I seriously will miss them SO much! Jenelle and Marcel are still going to school but have upgrade themselves to the University and I wish them luck! Kara is working as a graphic designer in Slave Lake and I got to see here this weekend and she is doing fabulous! Sarah is working at Maxwell Reality and probably about one hundred other things knowing her! They were the bomb and I will miss them! (Even though Jenelle, Marcel, and Sarah all live on the West Side...)

The gang on my 21st BDay
Sarah, Marcel, Me, Jenelle, and Kara
(from left to right)

I won't lie... I will miss her most of all!

This shows our personalities perfectly!

Yep we all graduated!!! :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Exactly A Year Ago... Yesterday

.... I was doing this!

(p.s yes that is actually me)

Yep I was Sky Diving and where you might ask? Oh just here...

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen (who am I kidding no guy reads this!) a year ago I was lying on the beach in Hawaii with my BESTIE! Seriously the best vacation I have ever taken! Katelyn and I were at her house one day and decided that we wanted to go to Mexico! We wanted to go somewhere hot with beaches! Then we realized swine flu was kinda going on so maybe we should stick with Hawaii! So we just booked the trip! Didn't really tell anyone just did it! Best spur of the moment decision ever! I had so much fun and I am so glad we did it when we did and didn't wait till this year! Because a lot has happened this year for both of us!
Katelyn has....
-become the worlds best esthetician 
-started dating a boy named Ray Wilde
-went to India for 17 days
- is going to marry that boy named Ray Wilde

I have....
-graduated from College
- went to AZ twice
-started my own photography company
 -the company has turned into multi million dollar photography business (okay maybe not)

So now it would have been to hard for both of us to go on vacation with just each other! We had so much fun and did so many things! Like skydiving, hiking, parasailing, snorkeling suntanning, shopping, went to the north shore, and went to a hula show! It was a BLAST! Here are some pictures from this epic trip to HAWAII!

His name was Johnny Guru and he threw me out of a plane!

We made some friends from Australia

so does Kate!

oh and we love each other!

my all time favorite picture of us!

Overall the trip was amazing and I miss Hawaii SO MUCH!

on a side note you can check out a tiny sneak peak at Katelyn's engagement session and her family session on the photo blog