Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mexican Vacation

I have always known I would love Mexico. I love the heat and I love beaches so I thought it would be a perfect fit. SO when the opportunity arose to go I jumped at it!  I went with quite the random crew but I loved it! I went with Ron and Tammy Low, Jaclyn and Annie Low, their Aunt Sherri and Grandma Jean, Ken and Sharon Dahl, and Parker and Emma Dahl! I know what you are thinking... so you just crashed two family vacations... yes that is exactly what I did! Tammy and Sharon are both like my second moms and I consider their kids my siblings so it wasn't weird at all okay! I loved every second of Cabo! What I didn't expect was to fall in love with the people! I guess I just felt like I belonged with them. I sorta look like them, and I am fluent in Spanish... oh wait no I'm not. Okay so I don't really have a lot in common but I loved them! They were so nice to us everywhere we went! One of my favorite moments of the trip was when we went to church. It happened to be Fast Sunday that week and when the Bishop announced that anyone who would like to bare their testimony was welcome to come up EVERYONE went ( I can only assume that's what he said... I can't speak Spanish remember). I was in shock. The front seats were completely full and as soon as someone would stand up to take their turn sharing their testimony in beautiful Spanish there was someone ready to take their spot. I was completely humbled and may have got a little teary eyed. I felt embarrassed that I hadn't bore my testimony in quite sometime. I didn't understand one word of their testimonies but it didn't matter. The spirit was so strong and I left feeling so uplifted and grateful to be a member of such a wonderful church. It was just a really great experience!

Anyway I want to go back to Mexico and live there. Actually we went to a condo showing (ps never do this it's terrible) and the lady told me that she would hook me up with a photography job with their resort and a place to live if I was ever interested... Tammy quickly jumped in (she was pretending to be my real mother at this point... it's a long story) and told her that was never going to happen! But who knows if I am still single in a few years forget it I am moving to Mexico and taking pictures of tourist on beaches for the rest of my life!

Also these are just the pictures from my phone... I have been to lazy to upload the ones from my real camera!

This is what I look like after pulling an all nighter editing! Cute I know! I was really excited though! I actually slept the ENTIRE flight to Mexico. Literally didn't wake up once. It is the best way to travel I promise!

First picture in Cabo!

Anna and I out to eat

I can't tell you how excited I was about the white cabanas! 

Jac and I in our new sunglasses!

Parks right home from the mission off to Mexico!

I may have felt like celebrity tanning in the cabanas... Judge me if you want

We spend about a half hour deciding on these hats!

I love Emma Lou!

Sherri's flip flops were a bad choice

The Kardashians just stayed at the hotel we were at... NBD

On our way to our dinner cruise!

Our little crew were the only ones drinkin the virgin drinks on the ship ;)

The famous arches! So beautiful!

Just having a Little Mermaid moment... haha

Love these girls!

It was Mitch's Birthday while I was there so I had to be cliche and write it in the sand!

I did a little skyping to my family and this what their view was and what mine was :)

The whole crew after church! It was so HOT that day!

Last picture the same as the first but we are about to head home! SO sad to leave!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Up Up And Away

So I was just going through pictures and cleaning up my computer because let me tell you it is was full to the brim with pictures! 90% of them of other people... I have this problem with throwing things away... Just ask my mom, it drives her crazy! I have so many clothes because I somehow form an emotion bond with each article. Yep I am a hoarder so send over TLC to help me if you want. Anyway while deleting folders I cam across one that had pictures from Mitch's last night before he was set apart! After I stopped crying I decided they must be blogged! He is so cute and I miss you so much it is actually ridiculous! Does every missionary sister feel like this? Cause I won't lie to you it is pretty terrible! I mean I am so happy he is gone and serving the lord and I know he is where he is supposed to be but it has been HARD! He is my best friend and going through trials without him there to give me advice has been a huge trial in itself! I know I have def made some mistakes without his help!

So the night before he left we decided to light up these flying lanterns!

The first time was an epic fail... one that almost lit my lawn on fire! Luckily Jordi stomped it out!

Craig and Kodi watching as the lawn lit on fire...

The second time working out much better! Craig and Kody assisted Jordi and it went much smoother! It was actually so cool! I just hope it didn't end up falling on someone house and lighting it on fire! It was a major concern I had that I definitely voiced but was assured it couldn't happen... ya right

Now here comes the pics that jerked the emotional me right out!

See don't we look like best friends! I think so!

See don't we look so photogenic! I think so.... hah  JKS seriously we are so good looking

Such a cute pic of Stangelina! 

Also cannot forget to remember these cute girlies were there too! If I remember correctly they were also a little worried we were going to set the neighbors house on fire...

Also I found this picture... I know that when I laugh I seem to always laugh until I can't breathe.... So obviously this has to stop... Sorry everyone I look HIDEOUS when I laugh... Maybe a cute hideous? haha

Anyway this was such a fun night that I just wanted to remember it! I miss Mitch, he has only been out 6 months and it feel like 6 yrs. I know this is probably going to get old me talking about how much I miss him so either stop reading my blog or ignore me cause it's probably going to happen a few more times! :)