Friday, August 27, 2010

Pretty Please????

Oh you want to see more of these? I know you do!!!! All you have to do is go over to and check them out! and PRETTY PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP will you COMMENT?!?! I love comments so much! You have no idea! So I am commanding all of you bloggers that look at my blog to comment! 
Thank you. That is all! :)
P.S Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


You know those bad dreams that you just have OVER and OVER again and every time they seem to get more scary and real? Well I keep having the same theme to all my nightmares that have been coming almost every night for a few weeks now. You might think that this is what I am having a nightmares about...

NOPE! Or maybe this?

Well you would be wrong again! SO what is it you may ask? Wedding Photography.

You might also be asking how I keep having nightmares about this? Because I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE shooting weddings! BUT  I will give you a few examples.

The first one I had was that it was my wedding day! I was so happy and excited and getting ready and then my mom walked in and was like so who is doing your photography? I started to panic because I had forgotten to book someone! How could I forget to book my OWN wedding photographer! I started frantically calling all my photographer friends and no one would answer! I then woke up worried and stressed. I then told my mom about this dream and her response was "PA ya right! Like you will forget that part! You will forget your groom before your photographer!" ....she's probably right about that....

Second comes from a totally different nature. I had this dream last night. I dreamed that I was shooting a wedding of 2 people that I didn't know. I was waiting outside the temple as usual and then the head temple dude announced to me that they were coming out so get ready! So as I always do I turned to my assistant Jocelyn and told her to get me my stuff! As we went to get my camera out I realized that I had my camera and only my 50mm lens! I didn't have any spare batteries, no extra memory cards, no other lenses, no filters, no lens hood, and that Joce has forgotten my shader! I was freaking out and then it started to rain. Seriously, I was losing it! Then when they walked out as I was trying to get ready I missed them walking out, and then they just vanished! The bride and groom, the wedding party, the family, the friends and I realized I had taken so much time they just decided not to get pictures! I started to BAWL!! Luckily my alarm went off and I woke up!

You might think these are not real nightmares but I worry that something like this will happen to me every time I shoot a wedding! The night before a wedding a wake up every hour on the hour afraid I have slept in and missed the wedding! I check my equipment probably 300 times before we leave and make Jocelyn check again once we get on the road! Jocelyn doesn't understand how I get nervous before every single wedding. I tell her.. "People only get married once! It's not like I get a do-over! This is the biggest day of their life so far! These pictures will be shown to generations of their posterity!" and so on... BUT when I finally get there and start taking the pictures I am no longer nervous and just love every second of it! Weddings and Engagements are actually my favorite to do! I guess maybe these dreams are good cause they scare me into being even more cautious when I shoot weddings and enjoy them so much more because these things don't happen!

Okay that's all! Sweet Dreams Everyone :)

p.s I have a little sneak peak of the weddings I have shot lately on my photo blog! You should go over there and check them out and COMMENT please ;)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Little Update :)

Okay so I just have a few things that have gone on lately that I haven't blogged about yet!

First Jenni got married! She looked beautiful and so happy! But before she got hitched I went to her little bachelorette party! So much fun! She got so much "fun" stuff haha and of coarse Jen, Ang, and I had to get some pics together!

Then I was off to BC and had so much fun! I'll post pics later... maybe! But the first night I was there I got a call from my best friend Katelyn notifying me that she was ENGAGED!! I am super super excited for her and Ray! They are getting married in October and I can't wait! She has been my best friend for a REALLY long time and we have some ridiculous memories together! We even went to Hawaii a year ago just us! It was the best trip ever and I am so glad we went when we did! I just love her!

Also my baby cousin/sister is off to be a big girl in Utah! She is leaving tomorrow for Weber State! We had to say goodbye yesterday and it was all I could do not to bawl my eyes out and force her to stay here with me! But I am actually so excited for her! She is going to have so much fun!! I will miss her A LOT but that is what skype was created for right?

Also a mental note to myself that I REALLY need to start taking my camera with me wherever I go! Like this weekend I missed so many kodak moments! On Saturday me and Hatchma went to a dance party and both agreed that we actually had more fun chatting in the car together then the actually dancing! We also saw one of my good friends who got home from his mission, Aaron Jensen! It is so crazy that I am becoming older than all the missionaries! AH! Then on Sunday, Hatchma (Marissa) and I went to Aaron's homecoming then Me, Bethany, Carson, and Sam went to Morgan Duce's homecoming! It was a really full day of church!

After all the sacrament meetings my family, together with half of the Peterson Crew, all got together at Henderson Lake! It was so fun to see all the Ralphs, Sherwoods, and Maxwell's together! It has been YEARS since we have had a family reunion and I think maybe next year someone should put one on! We played with the rip sticks, played catch, ate food, and got all caught up with each others lives! It was a blast!

When I got home  Bethy, Mariss, and I headed off to Cardston to hangout with Mark, Justin, and Austin!

Things I Learned:
1. Marissa and I are horrible at ping pong and Bethy is the ping pong QUEEN
2. Marissa is even worse than me.... haha

3. I am also terrible at Foosball... like really bad... sorry Justin!

4. The Olsen boys should be like the next Jackson 5 or Backstreet Boys! (Mrs. Olsen had Mark and his brothers sing for us and they were amazing! Goosebumps good! Also Justin stepped in for a song and he is also allowed to be apart of their Backstreet Boys group! Mrs. Olsen closed the show and now I see why her sons are so talented! Man can she sing and rock out the piano!)

5. I can still tie a cherry stem into a knot with my tongue... Justin and Marissa cannot

6. Marissa + Volleyball + Salsa = Ruining Mark's Carpet

7. B93 plays the BEST songs from 12:30am till 1:15am!

8. That I am so sad for Bethy to go back to school "okay" :(

Overall it was one of the most fun nights I have had in a long time! Seriously wish I would have had my camera! Dang it! Next time.... next time!

Just a side note, I am loving Katy Perry right now... My favorite 2 songs are both hers! You should probably go listen to them!
They are: "Teenage Dream" and "Not Like The Movies"

Friday, August 6, 2010

All in the Family

Well I am off to Fairmont BC today for the Matkin family reunion! I am also suffering from an awful summer head cold... agh! Oh well! I love this week! At my house we call it the sleep and relaxation vacation! We get to sleep in all we want, have as many naps as we want, do whatever we want during the day and then at night we all get together and eat an AMAZING dinner! SO FUN! So since there will be so much down time I am forcing my family to travel with my HUGE mac computer so I can get some serious editing done! I can't wait :) I have had so many oh so fabulous shoots lately! I can't wait to blog them all for the WORLD to see!

The reason behind this family reunion is this unbelievable great and wonderful women!
My Grandma Clara! She is the greatest grandma that has ever lived! Ever since I was little she has spoiled me rotten! SO ROTTEN! She use to take me to Atkins (a store in cardston) and buy me clothes all the time! One time she took me there and I got a bunch of things and then when we got back to her house my other older cousins were there and were quite offended that they had never gotten special shopping visits with grandma! Yep I am just special I guess! I use to LOVE going and sleeping at grandma and grandpa matkin's house! Grandma use to make me homemade chicken noodle soup and it was and still is my favorite! And my Grandpa was also so amazing!

He was my favorite person in the world when I was young. He would take me fishing, on a hike to see the "dead goat" with mitch, he played hide and seek with me and took it seriously, like the time he hid in the broom closet for 20 mins, he would lay in my playpen when I was a baby and play with me till I fell asleep and so many more amazing things! He has been passed away for 9 years now and I still miss him so much! I have a great pictures to put under here but it's at home and I am at work so maybe I will put it up later!

Okay so to sum it up I am very excited to go and see my cousins I haven't seen in a long time and spend some more time with my family, even though Mitch will be MIA this time Russ gets to come! I actually got to see my cousin Jen and her little family this past weekend and I hadn't seen her in 10 years! We talked about my photography and her amazing little graphic business and I loved every second of it! She is the most talented girl in the world! Her singing voice is out of this world and she is so crafty! I definitely have looked up to her since I can remember!

Here are a few pics of last years Fairmont adventure!

the momma and I at a rest stop on the way!
Mitch and Mom on the way to the waterfall!
Mitch, Pax, and I @ the waterfall
Just before we headed out! We had to leave early, me for work and them for hockey!
two of the best women that I know!
We stopped at the big green truck!
One of the best parts of the trip was the ride home with these two!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Moving Day

Guess what!? I moved yesterday! Okay well not really... but I moved a ton of boxes! Fine only 4... You should all (by all I mean the 3 of your that will read this) be proud of me cause I left a TON of clothes behind! I couldn't quite bring myself to throw them out so my mom let me leave them in my room in Magrath! My mom also bought me a Magic Bullet and some fabulous white (cause its my new fav colour) towels! She's the best!

So as I was packing up to leave I was asking my siblings how much they are going to miss me and how sad they were going to be without me and their responses were priceless.

Russ: "Ya sure I am going to miss you. But you are still going to come home and write my essays and do my homework for me? I mean I could just send you the rubric right?"

Pax: "Whatever Meg you just live in Lethbridge right? That's not far! Oh and come watch this Justin Beiber movie with the Karate Kid!"

Mitch: "I am going to miss you so much!" (in a fake crying voice) "but seriously it's about time!"

Joce: Well she wasn't even around so this is what I would guess she would say: "Okay that's cool but can I wear the clothes in your closet that you left without asking every time?"

My mom of coarse had told me earlier that she was happy for me to move out but that she would miss me. And I think out of everyone she actually meant it. You see me and my mom are besties. I call her at least 3 times a day or she will text me cause shes hip like that! When I am home I spend most of the time talking with her about anything and everything. I think she will miss me cause everyone else is to busy to sit and talk to her about dinner, laundry, groceries and other mom things! But not me! I always had the time ;)

As for my dad he was just so sweet. He first helped me load all of my boxes into his truck. Then he gave me a hug as we walked in then after him and my mom poked fun that this was only the 3rd time they had to move me out of their house he said "Well you know you are always welcome back whenever."  I am lucky to have such an amazing dad!

 I am seriously so excited to live with my two sisters from other misters! They are fabulous and awesome and sweet and kind and gorgeous and fun and I could go on and on! Maybe I'll do a post about them someday? Yep I think I shall! Okay well that's all for today!

oh and p.s I changed the look of my blog! What do you think?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Spiritual Uplift

 If I am ever having a bad day, or feeling frustrated with anything, I always find myself watching and re watching the Mormon Messages on YouTube. I can always find peace and reassurance that if I put my faith in my savior Jesus Christ that there is no trial to great that I can not endure. The spirit that I feel every time I watch these is remarkable. Their stories and lessons touch me every time. So I thought that I would share some of my favorites! I could have put all of them on here!

 My favorite quote from this video is 

"Some blessings comes soon, some come late, and some don't come until heaven. But for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, they come." 
Elder Jeffery R. Holland.

These videos are also great missionary tools! When I was going to school, all my friends there were not LDS members and I was given numerous chances to share with them the gospel. Some of them new a little about the Bible and it's teaching, but some had not even the basic knowledge of religion. Some of their questions were easy and some were hard. I always tried my best to explain and answer their questions and I just hope that the seeds that I planted will continue to grow now that I will no longer be with them!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summa Recap

Okay just a heads up this is a post with lots of pictures! You would think I take pictures for a living or something? ANYWHO these pictures are also on FB so if you have seen them already feel free to skip over this post!

There have been lots of things I have done this summer that I don't have pictures of yet or at all! Like Peta's wedding, Jenni's wedding, the lake bash, bridge jumping, LOTS of bridal showers, riding on motorbikes, bonfires, magrath days, random fire show and weapon fighting at Gult Gardens with Amber, M, and Matty G, card games, picnics at Henderson, mini road trips and lots of other awesome summer activities! But here are 3 that were lucky enough to be picture worthy!

So one day me, mariss. m, and lyssa heard there was a party at Wally's Beach! So obviously we decided to hit it up! Turns out when we got their we didn't really know anyone and felt totally awkward. So we were there all of 5 minutes! But it was funny and I had my camera so I documented this awkard event!
We had just arrived! Had no idea what were about to discover!

the beach was almost as awkward as this face I'm making...
oh man I love these two!

Okay so next up was the Echo trip with all my friends! A big shout out to the Low and McDonald families that allowed us to stay at their cabins! It was realy fun despite the HORRIBLE weather we had! Seriously it was lame and rained like the whole time! OH well! The girls all stayed at the Low cabin so that was a blast! There were also about 5 girls from Idaho that came and we got to know them and they were such fun girls! 

Things to be Remembered
1.The HILARIOUS event at the border...(lyss and M know what I'm talking about!)
2. How me and Lyss somehow managed to tip the red seadoo that was "untippable"
3. When me, Lyss, Amy, and Mary saw a bear on our way to watch Eclipse!
4. When me and Lyss were SO tired we almost crashed a million times on the way home!
5. When poor little M locked her keys in the car while she was outside of the car in the poring rain right outside of browning!

Just about to leave Magrath!
Turns out we make these faces in pics a lot! Look at the pics above!
Just trying to laugh off what was going on at the border! My luck, seriously! Its amazing!
Pretty Ladies!
Look it was sunny for 10 seconds! The rest of the time freeeezing! Hence my hoodie and towel rapped around me like a blanket!
Me and Sarah getting DRENCHED in the rain on the boat!

Lastly, I just returned from Echo lake take 2! This time it was Family Trip! We do this every year and have been for about 10 years! My family was talking and we figure that if the Low's weren't such amazing people and friends we would never go on vacation! We went to their home in Arizona over Spring Break and then we go to their Cabin every summer! We are so lucky and blessed to have them in our lives! It was so much fun to have my siblings there! Even though Russ was greatly missed! He was at State for baseball in Billings Montana and therefor had to miss out! Mitch was "lucky" enough to brake a bone in his hand and then have to quit baseball allowing him to come! This was his first time in 5 years! We take our sports at the Maxwell house very seriously lol Anyway it was really fun and I miss it there already! I even did things behind the boat almost everyday! I never do this so it was quite the accomplishment! I had to leave 2 days early so I could attend my BFF Jenni's wedding (so worth it she looked FAB!) but I'm glad I was there for along as I was!

Seriously how cute is he!

Mitchy and I on the first day!
I wish I was good at water sports like Tara!
or like Ty!

I am so lucky to have a sister like Jocelyn! Just love her to death!
Every year we take the seadoo out and wash our hair in the middle of the lake! This was right before we left!
so typical... my trying my best to make my tom boy sister a girly girl...
SO happy that this boy was there this year! We had many laughs this trip thanks to Carson!
Overall my summer has be awesome! Next week I am off to Fairmont BC for the Matkin Family Reunion and I can't wait! Also I am moving soon so I will blog about that at some point! I showed my mom the house yesterday and she loves it and thinks its super cute! She also said that she hopes this is the last time she has to move me before I have a boy who can move my stuff for me... doubt it mom! She then was quick to say that she loves having me home just not the actual moving process! I am so lucky my mommy still loves me! Anyway I hope the rest of the summer will be eventful and exciting!