Friday, July 23, 2010

White Out

Lately my favorite colour is white. How boring right? But I feel like white signifys clean, simple, pure and elegant and to me those things are not boring! I am moving, as I have mentioned, and have decided that my room is going to be filled with white things! My accent colours with be baby blue and soft pink. I love this site and have found LOADS of inspiration for things white there! Here is a taste of what I'm talking about!

Your favorite colour is white now too hu?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Always the Photographer...

Okay so you know the saying "Always a Bridesmaid, Never the Bride"? Well I live this but my saying goes "Always the Photographer, Never the Bride" I try and pretend that it doesn't bother me but sometimes after a Wedding I am over come with the feeling a pure jealousy! I get to see all the tender moments of the wedding day and I can't help but wish I was experiencing them sometimes! More than anything it just makes me excited! But really I am not complaining about the Photographer part because I LOVE what I do! Seriously its the bomb and I am so lucky to get to do what I love!What else I love is that lots of the people I have been shooting lately are my best friends!

I have seriously had so many of my closest friends get married! I love getting to see them make the choices that lead them to a temple marriage! I also love that lots of the time I get to be apart of their wedding day. My very favorite part of the wedding is when then first come out of the temple! Seriously the happiness is just radiating out of them! I LOVE it! You can't help but smile right back at them! So to help me remember all my FAB friends that got married over the past few months or that are going to be getting married here is a little tribute to the new WIFEYS!

First off was Jasmine's wedding! We have been friends since we were 5 and I love her SO much! We walked to school and home everyday, until we could drive, but no matter what every first day of school we would meet at the "twins" corner and walk to school. She has always been there for me and I love her to pieces! She married Matt on March 6th 2010 in the Cardston temple! I was their engagement photographer and lucky enough to be a bridesmaid!

Next up was was little miss Sami Jane! Me and Sami haven't been friends for long, just over a year now, but she has been such an amazing friend to me! We bonded over our similar heart breaks and have been besties every since! Sam is the kind of girl that speaks her mind and tells it like it is and I love her for it! She will also drop everything if you need her and is always willing to listen to me rant about the stupidest things! Sami my love I am so glad we are still friends and talk everyday even though you are married! I am also so excited to be living close to you in a few short weeks! Anywho Sam married Landon on June 12th 2010 in the Cardston Temple. I had the pleasure of being their engagement and wedding photographer!

Now she might not be married yet but in just 2 shorts days she will be, who am I talking about? The soon to be Mrs. Walker Ashley (aka Peta)! So last summer the same thing happened and a ton of my friends got married. So this left me without a little crew and so I was a loser. Straight up! I seriously spent most of the summer at home until Peta decided to save me! I seriously owe her so much! I pretty much lived in her room with her, we shared her bed, clothes, gossip, diet cokes and laughs and I grew to totally adore her! I feel like I couldn't let her get married unless the guy she was marrying was out of this world awesome and perfect for her and lucky for Ian he is just that! When we did their engagement session I just laughed the whole time! He is hilarious! And he just loves her to death and it's so cute! I am shooting their wedding this Saturday and I am so excited!!

Now last but certainly not least is Jenni Benni! Oh man have I ever been through a lot with her! I think she has seen me through the hardest times in my life and I have been there through hers. We were best friends in High School but were inseparable in my grade 12 year. So much so that everyone thought she was graduating with me even though she is a year younger! She told me once that when she first met me she didn't like me at all cause I was from Magrath and trying to hangout with the Raymond boys but luckily she got over that! We have done some seriously crazy things together. Like leaving notes on a certain boys door every time we went to Lethbridge, hanging out with the motocross boys, going to a million bonfires, buying Evanescence and Avril Cd's, sleeping on "our" couches with Ang and her house, driving to Leth on new years eve to go to a CRAZY party but sitting outside of it and chickening out, thanksgiving weekend, spooning in her bed, always sharing clothes and swim suites and boyfriends at times, handing out and wearing football jerseys, playing together every July 1st, and having hours of girl talk in the Van with Ang! There are a hundred more memories I could share but I think that's good for now! I miss those days I won't lie but I have never been so proud of her for the choices she has made that have gotten her to where she is now! She is getting married to Cody on July 30th 2010! Shes the best friend a girl to ask for and I love her to death!

My friendship with Jenni wouldn't have been the same without our other part Ang! I wouldn't be who I am today without you guys! We seriously did everything together!! Including a photo shoot the day before me and Ang left Jenni to move to Edmonton!
Even after 3 years we are all still close and I love you girls SO much!
I think this pic sums Jenni and I up perfectly!
 Here we are after 6 years still as in love as ever ;)

Well girls I love you all and I am so proud of and excited for each of you!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

What hair to DO?!

Okay my 3 blog followers (and anyone else who reads this) I need your help! Seriously! I have had pretty much the exact same hair colour and cut for like 10 years! I feel like I need a change. But as many of you know I not huge into change. Usually if I try my hair different I hate it. BUT this time I am trying to keep an open mind and just do it! These following hair styles are not major change but for me they would be. I am thinking that I want to do more of a colour change than a cut but we will see! So I would like your advice so if you read this you HAVE to vote. I don't care if you think I would think you are weird for reading my blog, I won't I swear! So in the comments bar pick your fave and let me know! If you have any suggestions PLEASE let me know!

Love you all,


Friday, July 9, 2010

Mario Many Fingers

Okay so it's pretty much official that I am moving out of my parents house... again! I am pretty dang excited to live with my besties! They are babes. Seriously. I am so glad I am living with such pretty girls so that cute boys will come over! But here is the thing (I am about to admit how lame I am) I am seriously going to miss living at home! I have a big list of why but mostly I will miss seeing my family everyday. They are the bomb. Who needs friends to hangout with every night when I can just stay home and have just as much fun? Sometimes I hear of people who say they can't stand their family or one of their siblings and I don't understand that at all! I am super tight with every member of my family! I will miss each of them for different reasons! I have decided that I am going to do a post for each member of my family! I will start with my oldest sibling and then eventually make it to the parents! So that means Stanly is first!


You are my best friend. I tell you everything and you tell me everything. Sometimes I secretly wish you were a girl and then I realize you would probably be cuter than me and I change my mind. You kept my secrets for a really long time till this one time  on a Saturday morning we were talking to mom and you told mom everything! I was mad so I told some of yours! Good thing we both just laughed the whole time... well mom didn't really. You are the most athletic boy I know! It drives me crazy. You can just start playing a sport and you are the best at it. Sometimes I wish you were like a normal boy and then I could see you more often. I have watched you play hundreds of hockey and baseball games. Literally hundreds and I have loved everyone. I like that you play for the Hurricanes, even though lots of people just want to be my friend to meet you and get free tickets. Remember that time that random guy that came up to me at church and was like "You're brother is so awesome.. blah blah... I want to meet him!" Turns out you were standing there listening to the whole thing. I then politely told him you were standing right here and he (and you) were very embarrassed? I don't even mind that when we go to big events with our parents that all their friends know who you and Russell are (and of coarse Pax cause everyone knows who he is) and me and Joce are just your sisters. Also I love that when/if you ever read this you will be embarrassed. You are so humble. Like remember that time a few weeks ago I had just read an article about you being the "home town hero" and so when I saw you I said "Oh hey home town hero" and you got mad at me? I have never heard you brag about yourself to anyone and when ever someone compliments you, you are genuinely grateful. It's okay though I brag enough about you for the both of us ;)

You are also such a great example. The things you have seen and the temptations that you have conquered inspire me! Even though you have such a bright future in sports you still want to give 2 years of your life and serve the Lord. I remember this one time when you were about 14 mom said that if you made it to the NHL you might not go on a mission and you shot back that yes you were going no matter what! You are a good boy! You even come to church with me after a 10 day road trip with the Hurricanes and you didn't get any sleep the night before and got home at 5 a.m. I hate sitting by myself at church but you will show up and go by yourself if I can't make it. I have a secret for you, its something that I should not want. Really its bad. But here it goes... I don't know if I want you to go on a mission. I think I would miss you too much. I seriously almost tear up thinking about the day you leave me. And I am at work so I can't cry so I'm not thinking about it anymore!

On a lighter note... I hate how you never shave. I think it's because everyone wants you to so it's just you being stubborn. You also tell the best stories even though they never make sense and at the end you always say "Well dad can tell it better!" You also have this ability to make everyone laugh no matter how mad they are. Sometimes I just wanna be mad at you but it's impossible! This also comes in handy when mom is having a bad day. You have this gift where you can just make her happy. That's why last week I texted you and told you to come home asap! Also I love that you will say you love me first when we are about to hang up the phone or end a texting conversation or I'm about to head out the door, even if you are with your friends.

Well my BIG little brother I could seriously go ON and ON so I will stop! You da best and I LOVE you!


 This is my favorite picture. Your brothers look up to you Mitch.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Lately I have seriously been getting so sick of the rain! It has forced me numerous times to cancel and reschedule photo shoots, which is the worst cause I love my photo shoots! I was at echo this weekend and it rained the whole time. I wore my swimsuit... just under sweats and hoodies... lame. BUT I still had a great weekend, which will be blogged later when i decide to upload the pictures...

Anyway I found this quote at and it sorta shut me up. Lately not just the weather in my life has felt a bit rainy so this quote was perfect!

Watch out rainbow here I come :)

Also I love this song lately! My lovely friend Lyssa showed it to me and I have been in love with it ever since!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

You've Got A Friend In Me

About 21.5 years ago I met one my best friends. This was him-

At the time I was much bigger,older,wiser,and obviously cuter... Some of this has changed. He grew and got bigger than me, his grades in school were always better than mine, and well he kinda got cuter than me.. but no matter what I will always be older! Which he will get to tease me about when we are old... dang...

Anyways Carson Kennith Dahl has been my best friend since forever! Honestly he is more like a brother/cousin than a friend. And we fight like it too... Our families celebrate every holiday together and have since forever! We have done so much together! Our parents were and still are best friends so naturally so are we! He left me 2 years ago to serve a mission in Russia! Lets just say when he left I might have shed some tears.. okay maybe I bawled so what... I was so nervous about him going to Russia.. It's scary there! Then on July 1st 2008 I got a phone call and it was Carson! He was going into the MTC the next day so I thought he was calling to say good-bye but he was calling to tell me his mission got changed and he was going to California! I was a lot happier about this than he was! So anyway his 2 years are coming to a close! TODAY actually! WOO!! I got to talk to him on Skype at Christmas and it was great! He is still the same old Carson just more spiritual! (I may have cried for the first 5 mins until he told me to stop so we could actually talk...) ANYWHO he gets home at 6:45pm and I can't wait! :) Here are some pics I have on this computer of me and Cars! I wish that I could put some of the VHS video I have of us on here! Seriously some of it is priceless!

Here we are at about 18months I would guess?

And here we are 18 years later!

I am pretty excited to see him! Can you tell?