Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Love You Like A Sister

Funny how people meet sometimes? 
Sometimes you know you are meant to be friends with someone.
Sometimes you may think you REALLY hate and can't stand a person but you are probably wrong.
Sometimes you end up being forced to talk to that person and even though you hate to admit it you are becoming friends.

Where am I going with this you might ask?
Well I'm gunna tell you a little story....

One time (last year in September) I was "seeing" a guy. Using the word seeing very loosely. Details not necessary.  I thought he was cool guy. I hadn't know him long at all but he seemed fun so I was going with it. 
Then one day I was at his house and his mom came downstairs (I hadn't met his parents yet) and this boy was on the phone. She walked up to me extended her hand and crushed me with these worlds 
"Oh you must be Amber!"
Ya no I am not Amber.
Amber was a girl in our ward. I mean I could see how you would get us confused. Amber had uber blonde hair, blue eyes, and weighs about 30 lbs less than me... I totally see how she could get us mixed up...
As soon as the boy was off the phone he tried to dig himself out of the crater size hole his mother had dug for him BUT needless to say that about ended things with that guy! 

And it started my annoyance with this girl Amber. I had never spoken to her but I "knew" I wouldn't like her even if I did. About a month after the whole mistaken identity incident somehow I found myself sitting next to the real Amber at Boston Pizza. I know you feel my pain! So there we are sitting next to each other and I decide that the least we can be is frenemies. For those of you who don't know what that is the urban dictionary definition is enemies in secret yet friends to everyone else. 

So we started talking. Everything was going fine, turns out I could stand her. Then she dropped the bomb and started to bring up "the guy". Well turns out "the guy" was seeing both of us at the same time. Yep, can anyone say playa? We started comparing stories and couldn't believe some of the things we found out! Well that about did it. We sort of become friends with out the enemies after that. And then you could tack best on top of the friends.

Turns out Amber is sort of like my soul sister. We are alike in so many ways it sort of freaks me out sometimes. There are so many things I love that she loves too...
-our joint obsession with reality TV about rich women who get botox and have bottomless credit cards and have the ability to start drama anytime anywhere
- acapella music groups
-our hate for Megan's Indie tunes
- red nail polish
- love of being in love
- chick flicks
- hair extensions
- the 5 dollar movie bins at Walmart
-watching total strangers engagement and wedding videos
- clean shaven and short haired men
-we both hate school and homework
-we both get along with boys better than with girls
-we both secretly wish we were more like Martha Steward but know it will never happen
....and the list could go on and on!

Anyway I just love Amber to death! So much so that I moved in with her! Being roommates has been so much fun and I am so glad I got over myself and became friends with her! It is her 21st birthday today and I just wanted to make sure she knew how much I love and appreciate her! 

oh and we both sort of like taking pictures... like the one time we did a photo shoot with just us....
You can see how the mother could have been confused!

I love this pictures. One of my favorites.
The Birthday Girl!

We are also both SO awkward sometimes...
She is going to kill me for putting this up!
I look like the ecstasy is finally kicking in and she looks like a linebacker!
A perfect match really....

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christmas 2010 Recap!

I am a horrible blogger! I was reading over some old post and I feel like each time I just blog about the same thing... oh man I am SOOO boring! I apologize to anyone who actually reads this!

Okay so there was a little rant of mine! WELL it was just Christmas and I had so much fun! Loved it! The California Maxwell's made the trip up and I already miss them all! It was really fun to get to hangout with them and get an update on their life! Also my sister cousin came home for 5 weeks and I loved that very much! Also Mitch, Russ, and I got to live back at home for a week and this might have been my favorite part of Christmas. I love when we all get together... it's pure chaos but it's the best!

I also really sucked at taking pictures of everything we did! It's just hard to lug a camera the size of a small infant everywhere I go you know? But I did take a few!

First was the annual Maxwell Christmas Eve Skate!
Love these girls!
It freaks me out to look at this picture because
we are all growing up!
Uncle Marty and Aunt Jeanie

Then the boys kicked us out for the hockey game

My dad has mad skills

After some showers we all head to the gym in Raymond for Christmas Eve!

Typical Karli and Nolan!
Cute little girls :)

oh dear...

Maybe they should stick to hockey and baseball?

The kids getting ready for the fishpond!

Then the real volleyball game started!

Sometime we argued with the ref!
After the gym we head over to Brent and Julie's for the adult Christmas exchange! So much fun!

On christmas day we always head out to Cardston to spend some time with the Matkin crew! I didn't get any pictures but it was so much fun! We ate the BEST food ever and I love getting to spend some time with my Grandma Matkin! She is the best!

This is obviously not christmas but I love this picture of us!
It was also my grandma's 87th birthday! I can only pray I age as well as her!

On boxing day it was the Alumni Basketball tourny! It was seriously the best time ever! Finally the 4th year was the charm and all my girls came! Us 5 all got to be on the same team and it was a blast! I seriously miss these girls SO much! I find that no matter what friends you make you just have a very special bond with the friends you had in elementary through high school! Jasmine's dad even came out to watch us play together. He was the one that started it all! He had us practicing at 7:30am since we were in grade 4!

My Girls!
Janet, Meg, Jaclyn, Jasmine, and Shelbi

We had an addition to our team this year!
Shelbi's little girl Breckynn!
I can't believe we are old enough to be getting married and having babies!
One of the last things we did was go to a Hurricane's game of coarse! It was the real reason the Maxwell's from Cali even came! You see when Russ was trying out Carly made her dad promise that if Russ made the team that they would make the trip down and christmas to watch the boys play together. Thinking he was pretty safe Uncle Marty agreed. So when Russ called to let them know he had made it he first talked to Carly and as soon as she found out she yelled "Dad we are going to Canada at christmas!" 
Again not many pictures since my camera died right after this one.
Joce and I

 After the game we all (Morgan, Abby, Brooks, Kenz, Carly, Brian, Jocelyn, and I) decided to go over to Russ and Mitch's billet house to hangout since the Cali cousins left the next day. We almost didn't go since it was late and so cold out but we decided to anyway. I am so glad we did. We didn't do anything besides talk for about 4 hours! It was well into the AM before we headed home! We talked about our families, our sports, our friends, some peoples gfs and bfs, but mostly we talked about our Grandma Colleen and our Grandpa Stan. We all have different memories of our grandpa but we are the younger cousins and don't really have a lot. Some of the cousins only remember him when he was sick so I think it was good for us to help them remember! Of coarse there were some tears shed but overall it was a really special night and I am so glad I have the family I do!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

*giveaway alert*

Yep another amazing giveaway to share with you all! This can be found at one of my all time FAV photography sites The Savvy Photographer! Seriously I love this site it has everything a photographer loves! Including an incredible giveaway!

P.S I know I seriously suck at blogging... my life has been a little crazy and everwhere lately but I promise I will get my butt in grear... this is mostly for you Morg! I swear I will post some Christmas pics asap!! I hope everyone had a really great Christmas!

Oh and here is one picture from Christmas stolen from Morgan's FB :) All the Maxwell families and some friends went skating Christmas Eve morning! Love all these girls SO much! Miss them a lot tooooo!