Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Kid On The Block

If any of you know me you know I am obsessed with Vampire Diaries. When I found out that this new face was going to be making an appearance on my favorite show was I mad.....

oh hello

gotta love a man in a suit!

... no, no I was not. Stephan Amell I love you already!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Cowboy Mitch

Well I have already dedicated a rather LARGE post to my BIG little brother but it is his 20th birthday so he gets another little showing on the blog!

I had my mom send me a few old pictures of me and the birthday boy and they definitely brought a few tears to my eyes! Obviously from laughter not that emotional junk... Mitch really is my best friend and growing up being so close in age has been so special! My mom used to refer to us as Princess Meghan (I can't figure out why?) and Cowboy Mitch. Mitch used to walk around the house in just his underwear, cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat everyday! In all his age 2-4 pictures its odd to catch him wearing clothes or not with some sort of cowboy paraphernalia! We all thought he would turn out to be a hardcore cowboy... turns out he hung up the cowboy boots and picked up the skates and never turned back!

People always think we are twins... what compliment for him I know lol Or people tell me that it must be cool to know exactly what I would look like if I were a boy... I know we aren't actually twins but sometimes I feel like we might as well be!  He has always been there for me and has my back no matter what! It's comforting to know that a hockey player who fights on a regular basis has your back! I am so lucky to have the family that I do!

Happy 20th BIRTHDAY Mitchy Poo! We love you!

ps these pictures are priceless!!

Cowboy Mitch at his finest!

This was for Halloween so he had to wear clothes...

Naturally we were Cowboy Mitch and Princess Meghan for Halloween!

The poor boy never had a chance!

Notice: cowboy hat in hand, boots on

Yes I am rockin' HUGE front curl bangs
and Mitch is rockin' the combover!
I guess maybe we look alike a little?

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


There once was a day where PDA (aka Public Display of Affection) drove me UP THE WALL! I have grown up in a house where my parents don't kiss in front of us. They don't really even hold hands that often in front of us. This is not to say my parents aren't crazy for each other... my dad just hates PDA more than anyone in the world I think...  any who I obviously thought this was how every couple was. I remember the day this bubble was broken. I was in the 3rd grade and I was over at Jaclyn Low's house and we walked in the door to find her mom and dad pretty much making out in the kitchen. I was mortified! I looked at Jaclyn thinking I would see a mirrored reaction to my own but nope she just laughed, rolled her eyes, and we kept walking! I was in shock! I remember I went home and brought this up to my mom, my face was probably still red, and she explained to me that some people show their love in different ways.

So then started my hate of PDA. In high school I would get so awkward around people who were all touchy feely with each other at parties, dances, or the hallways at school. Like can you keep your hands off each other for 10 seconds while you talk to me, or make your way to class?

You are probably wondering what this rant is even about... well I realized yesterday that I am no longer awkward around PDA in the slightest ! I actually sort of enjoy it. What has changed you might ask? My job. I now get payed to watch crazy in love people fondle each other and make out on a regular basis. I would venture to say that I have seen over 100,000 kisses in the last 6 months. Ya I know that is a lot but I have done a lot of engagement and wedding shoots and lets just say recently engaged couples and recently just tied the knot couples are the most infatuated with one another. They are constantly holding hands and sharing special kissing moments. I will be changing lenses or setting up an area to shoot and there they are kissing and hugging each other.

So when I was at the movies the other day and there was a couple there.... lets just say they weren't really watching the movie I didn't even notice. My friend had to point it out to me and just like Jaclyn I just giggled and rolled my eyes! When I am walking down the mall and there are couples holding hands and kissing I don't get grossed out, I think of how cute of a pictures that could make! Yep Look how far I have come!

Here for you viewing pleasure are a few of my favorite "PDA" pictures that I have witnessed!

KJ + Shayla
My first ever photography shoot with PDA :)

Chase + Bryn

Josh + Shayla

Jason + Bryanna

Matt + Jasmine

Brock + Amy
Ian + Ashley

Kash + Dani

Mike + Amy
Cathy (My High School English Teacher) + Her Husband...
 for the life of me I can't remember his name... gah

John + Juli

Ray + Katelyn

Ryan + Lisa

Shawn + Valena 

Tyler + Brittney

Logan + Amy

Bart + Missy
BJ + Alisha

Greg + Lisa (aka dad and mom)
See I told you they were crazy about each other ;)

Now you can all see why PDA isn't really that bad! Okay sometimes when two people are really taking the whole make out to the next level in public I still get squeamish but I have come leaps and bounds!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

No Originality

Just this past weekend me along with some friends went on a little road down to Idaho. This post isn't about that trip persay it's about the music we listened to... I learned on this trip that according to some people (Joe and Matt) that I have no originality in my music choice. Did this bother me? Not one bit! For 8 hours I had to suffer and listen to music that I had never heard nor ever wanted to again!! The whole find a band no one has ever heard of that sings indie music doesn't interest me at all! Seriously at some points I wanted to throw myself out of the car! Matt also made the rule of no iPods so we had to listen... ya well finally I snuck my phone out and secretly plugged my earphones in and went back into the world of B Spears ( I can call her that cause we are that close) and Beyonce and couldn't have been happier!

I'm not ashamed that I listen to mostly top 40 and religiously check the billboard top 100 every week. It's who I am. I am the girl who is keeping Katy Perry and the Jonas Brother's in business! It's not that I haven't tried to be the cool chick who knows all these songs no ones else does and dresses super cool and has mad style... cause I have tried but lets be real... I looked like an idiot and changed that on the spot! I can't pull off the outfits that those girls wear... the craziest store I shop at is probably Forever 21... yep so cool I know!

Also I just want to make a point that I am envious of these people. I wish I was cool like them really I do!  Like my roommate Megan is so this girl! She is the original, cool, hip, everyone wants to be like her Megan and I am the unoriginal really has no style Meghan. She wears the coolest clothes and can pull off any outfit! She listens to music I have never heard of! She even wants to go to this little acoustic cafe and listen to people sing this music live! Ya she is way cooler than me. Also Alyssa has tried more than a million times to try and make me like this stuff... she has finally given up after this trip I think and luckily she also loves some top 40! So we get along just fine when we road trip together which is often! We listen to about 10 songs we both like and then 1 that only she likes! Such a good friend she is!

So in honor of my unoriginality here are some top 40 songs that I have been lovin lately! And if you are one of these cool chicks or dudes and you listen to these songs and hate them... I am not even sorry I suffered for 8 HOURS okay.... thats a REALLY long time!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Halloween Full Of Disney!

Halloween was so much fun this year! I don't know if I have mentioned this before on this blog but my Mom is FANTASTIC!! Seriously I wonder all the time how I got so lucky to have a mom like her! Did she spend 2 days and a few trips to Lethbridge to make my costume? Yep she sure did! Seriously she is the BEST! I was the Queen of Hearts and Lyssa was Alice! My costume turned out great and no one would believe that my mom made it! She's talented. Anyway on Friday there was the classic YSA dance and so the roommies all got dressed up! We sort of had a Disney theme as Megan was Ariel and Amber was an Indian so we are just gunna say she was Pocahontas! I thought everyone looked great!

Then on Saturday I handed out a little candy in Magrath! I love Magrath! I was only home for like 20 mins but so many cute little kids came by! I love Halloween and think its so great to see babies dressed up like Dumbo, bananas, pumpkins etc! I then went to a Hurricane game and after Matt McDonald, Scott Malmberg, and Adam Steed had a party. I didn't really dress up at all for this one... I wore a plaid shirt and boots and said I was a cowgirl... lame I know! It was fun though!

On Sunday Lethbridge did their trick or treating and I was so excited! So we got lots of candy and sadly only got like 4 trick or treaters! Needless to say I think I have gained at least 10 pounds on small chocolate bards and bags of chips.... dang it!

All in all Halloween was a blast! Here are a few pictures!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Denis Quaid Is Here!

Here is something you should know about me... I love Ellen! Seriously her show is my favorite of all time! I watch it and pee my pants laughing every episode! My all time favorite thing that Ellen does is the hidden camera skit! Like when Denis Quad walks into starbucks and annouces "Denis Quad Is Here!" I die laughing! So today when I watched David Beckham tell a masseuse "You know sometimes people tell me I have skin like baby peaches..." I lost it. I was laughing so hard tears were streaming down my face... Oh did I mention I am at work? So my bosses were watching me... Really they should be use to it by now but still.... 
ANYWHO since I seriously enjoyed it so much I am going to post my favorite "hidden camera ellen moments"! 
(You will notice Paris Hilton's skit didn't make it on here... seriously she almost ruined it for me... agh)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Wilde Weekend Wedding!

Katelyn is now a married girl! She looked so dang gorgeous! Seriously though... she was just glowing all day! I LOVE weddings obviously but this one was just REALLY special since it was my bff who got hitched!! I also got to see lots of people I hadn't seen in AGES and it was just great! Anyway I put a little sneak peak up on my blog of the happy couple and the wedding party! So you should all go take a look and leave a little blog love ;)

Yes Katelyn you are smizing in this pictures!

I snuck in for a quick pictures with the bride!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Catch Up

Okay just to keep ya'll up to speed with what's been going on lately!!

Jord went on his mission! So I went and said
bye before I left to Cali!

I went to Cali to shoot Katelyn's brother Chase's wedding!
It was SO much fun!

We went to the beach!

We went to Chase's wedding and Me and Beth
watched the kids while everyone
was in the temple!

We went to DISNEYLAND!!

We were the only single ones on the trip... so we got a lot
of pictures together! But I didn't mind one bit!

Mads and Ellers were so brave and went on all the scary rides!!

I loved my life at Disneyland so much!

It was my birthday! So amber made me this shirt...
She is always lookin out for me!

Did they go a little overboard?
I didn't think so ;)

Oh these girls? Just the BEST roomies that a girls ever had!!
They seriously made my birthday so great!!

And now you are all caught up on my life!!