Tuesday, March 28, 2017

|| Week In Review: March 20-26 ||

This week our house was plagued with both the flu at the start of the week and a nasty cold at the end. The worst part was that only little Beckett boy seemed to be the one getting sick. He powered through like a champ and tried his very best to be a pleasant as possible but he has been one sick dude.

On Tuesday he just wasn't his normal self and I couldn't get him to eat anything. We went out to my parents to help my mom set up her new desk and he refused ice cream, cookies, yogurt, crackers and any other thing we could think of. I should have clued in something was up but I thought he was just to distracted with playing to eat. Well at about 5am he woke up crying so I did the usual and made him a bottle but when I got him out of his crib he was pumping out some serious heat. I gave him the bottle and then went to turn the light on and get him some medicine when he vommited all over us. I turned the light on and got him standing on his changing table where he continued to throw up the bottle I had just given him. We woke up daddy and he changed Becks clothes and held him while I clean myself and Beckett's room.

The next days were filled with lots of cuddles, naps, and medicine. He even got a special visit from Grandma Lisa on Thursday morning so I could go to my 25 week doctor appointment and get some much needed groceries. Thank goodness for mothers! She also cleaned my house and hard core cleaned my floors. She is the greatest. By that night we thought he was feeling a bit better so we got out of the house and went to Raymond. He played and had fun and was finally acting like himself more.

We spent Friday watching NCAA and just having a relaxing evening at home. On Saturday Brett watched Beckett while my mom and I hit up the baby trade show! I needed a break and this was just what I needed. She spoiled baby girl Holt and also took me to lunch! Did I mention already that I have the greatest mom? Later that evening we headed out to Magrath so I could go to the women's conference with my mom and dad aka Stake Pres Maxwell, and Brett stayed and hung out with Beckett, Mitch, Russ, and Pax! When we got home Beckett was so tired he didn't even wake up during the carseat transfer. This Sunday was supposed to be Beckett's first time in nursery and we were all excited/sad/nervous about it! Well no need to be because at 7am Beckett woke up with a terrible cough. I went in and got him just in time for him to have a coughing attack and throw up on me yet again. So I took him into Brett and we started the whole process over! But before I could get everything cleaned up it was Brett's turn to take some puke. Poor Becks. Anyway I ended up staying home with Beckett and letting him have a nice long nap. Unfortunately the nap didn't heal him and he woke up still pretty stuffed up but begging to go for a walk. So after supper the three of us ditched a sleeping Uncle Russ who had come to visit and went for a walk. I love these walks with Brett because we always talk about so much stuff and seam to make our biggest and hardest decisions. It is always so peaceful and no distractions.

Last night at 1:30am Beckett woke up again crying hard and I walked into his room and smelt an all too farmilliar oder. It had happened again. This time all over himself, the crib, his blankets, the bumpers and the floor. I sure you can guess what happened next. The best part though was that when I walked into his room he started to say "uh oh, uh oh, uh oh" through his tears. He is so sweet. Then when I tucked him back into bed he said "bye, bye" and blew me a kiss. Like who even is this kid and how did I score him as my son! Luckiest mom ever. From then on little sleep happened. Poor little guy couldn't get comfortable without his bumpers and it didn't help that he couldn't stop coughing. So that brings us to today! He is still feeling under the weather but hopefully he will feel better soon, he is napping still (going on 3 hours) and I am still in my pyjamas! It's been real productive around here. Well here's to hoping I don't have to clean up any vomit this week!

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