Tuesday, September 9, 2014

|| Morgie Porgie ||

If I wore a white shirt and overalls she would wear a white shirt and overalls. If I wanted to play dolls she would play dolls. If I slept over at grandmas she would sleep over too. When I got an email address I made her one too (sorry about that morgieporgie6 lol). If I got married she got married too ;)

Morgan is a lot more like a little sister than a cousin. She was my best friend growing up and I would have picked to hangout with her and her family over anyone and still would! The amount of memories we have together is ridiculous. When you spend as much time freezing in ice rinks, eating KFC Sunday dinners, battling it out with the boys during endless backyard games, playing dress up for hours and staying up way past our bedtime, you become close. Really close!

I got the chance to photograph her wedding this summer and it was such a special day! I am so happy that she has found such a great guy like Jordan! They make the perfect couple. I am so proud of the amazing women she has become and for the choices she has made. I love you morgs xoxo

Here are just a few of the highlights from their day! More real "wedding photos" to come on my photog blog…

After the wedding, since all the Maxwell cousins gathered together for it, most of us went and spent some time in Waterton! It was so much fun. We did the usual get ice cream, go to the Price of Wales Hotel, walk around and see the wild life, go to the falls, and lastly hike Bears Hump! These are my favourite people ever and I love them to death! So glad we got to spend this time with them. Also Brett and I finally got our photo in front of the falls so we can really be married now! Yay us. 

Overall it was such an amazing weekend and I wish we could do it all over again!

Friday, September 5, 2014

|| Summer Dayz ||

I can't believe it's September 5th and June, July and August are over. Summer is over. I had such an amazing one too. I will be doing some catchup posts, since I haven't blogged since May, but just incase you wanted to get a little glimpse into my summer this is for you!

Also you may have realized I spiffed up the bloggity blog! This happened last night from about 12am - 3am. At least my insomnia produces cute things! I'm happy with how it looks but I will probably change it in a few weeks. I just have to much fun doing it! Anyway I hope you all had an amazing summer just like I did!