Wednesday, May 7, 2014

|| Life Via My iPhone ||

A lot has happened in the last few days and I am feeling like I need a good catch-up post! I figured the best way to do it was through my camera roll on my iPhone! So here are my last few days in grainy iPhone photos… 

I got this calling a few months ago to be a "Stake Camp Certification Leader". I believe that all callings of from our Heavenly Father so I said yes. I was freaking out inside though. I am not a huge camper and the only camping I have ever really done was at girls camp. Even though I don't feel very qualified, I have loved this calling. The girls I work with are the best 16-18 year olds ever. I will be so sad when camp is over in June. This past Saturday we did a little certifying at Lake Pleasant and it was a blast!

After canoeing it was time to get ready for Dental Prom 2014! Brett and I got last minute tickets and we are so happy we did. We had a lot of fun gambling our fake money away on the blackjack tables and eating really great food! 

This is Brett's clinic partner Mike and his amazing girlfriend Lauren! Brett has really enjoyed working with Mike this year and I have liked getting to know both Mike and Lauren! 
You could say I'm sort of his biggest fan.

As much fun as I had at "prom" I couldn't wait to get my heals off and into my night gown! I guess I am my mother's daughter after all...

When we drove past this on our way home from church I literarily could here the Hallelujah Corus! It is only 3 blocks from my house. It opens on Friday and you know I will be there!  

This one time our Apple Tv remote fell into the couch. It fell so far in there we had to take apart the entire bottom  of our poor couch. Don't worry we got the remote and Brett pretty much fixed the damage as I sat there and watched… again in my night gown. You might as well just call me Lisa.

Yesterday, my relief society put on the most amazing garden party! It was so much fun. It was decorated so cute and the food looked amazing! (All contained gluten so I just got to look) The talks were all on the worth of our souls and how as women we need to be kinder to ourselves and to each other. I struggle quite a bit with self image and always have, so this was such a good reminder that I need to be a little easier on myself and remember I am a daughter of God. 

I seriously love this group of ladies! They are so friendly and welcoming! It is so nice to have such fun girlfriends that live close by. They are always planning such fun activities so we can all have something to do during the day. I know we were put in our ward for a reason.

Brett took this photo after the first one. He said "You need to be more in the light". He did such a great job you can't even tell this is an iPhone pic! I swear I didn't edit this at all in photoshop just VSCO on my iPhone. He is pro!

Friday, May 2, 2014

|| Birthday Boy ||

"One year older and sexier too!" Oh wait, maybe that's not how the song goes? Oh well, when it's applied to Brett it sounds pretty perfect. I mean all joking aside, I quote honestly think he gets more handsome every single birthday. I seriously love him more than I can describe. He means everything to me and I just wanted to wish him a happy belated birthday on my little blog!

His birthday was pretty low key this year. His family was all here in AZ so that was nice timing on their part! We went and got ice cream, opened presents, he got to watch some playoff basketball, and then we finished it off with a stake dinner! Overall I think he was pretty happy about it.

I am so dang happy this boy was born! My life would be dull and depressing without him! Also I wouldn't have the most handsome photo assistant to help me by caring my heavy bags, the bags of my clients, scout out great shoot locations and be there to tell me I'm great at my job. I struck gold with this guy.

xoxo love you Brett!