Thursday, January 15, 2015

|| And A Happy New Year ||

The best holiday of the year has finally come to a close! We are sitting in Salt Lake passing time until our final flight back to Phoenix (I started this and just finished it now… so at the time I was at the airport but now I am home, at my house, in Arizona) and talking about how completely blessed we are and reminiscing about all the fun times we have had! We really did have the greatest time at home these past two weeks!

In my last post I talked all about the things we did up until Christmas, it was a really long post so I don't blame anyone that skipped the reading and just looked at the pics… we are all guilty of that! This one won't be as long but still feel free to skip through and just check out the photos!

Boxing day started off great with a good sleep in to catch up on our lack of sleep on Christmas day. At noon I headed to Magrath to play in an alumni basketball game! They started before schedule and I just got to play one half but it was fun! Joce and I have never played on the same team so that was new and pretty awesome! We ended up losing the game but it was fun all the same!

This has nothing to do with Alumni Basketball but he is the cutest so it doesn't really matter.

My nickname around Harley is "Grandma" cause I give the most treats and let him do whatever he wants...

We all headed over to Raymond after that to watch some Sugar Bowl games. Brett's cousin Mason plays for LCI so it was fun to watch him! We watched a lot of basketball that day and the next. Mason ended up in the final and it was a great game with a sad ending unfortunately! Still a good time being together with all his extended family. Next year will be the first year since Brett was in high school that there won't be a Gibb family member playing in Sugar Bowl, crazy!

Sugar Bowl tired Rylee and Stella right out! They were the cutest cuddle buddies!

After the games on the 26th the Holt clan decided to go to Oshos and then to the Hobbit! We crave Oshos when we are in AZ so we are always more than happy to go there to get chicken katsu and chicken teriyaki! We all liked the Hobbit but agreed it wasn't the best in the whole Lord of the Rings series.

A few days later we decided to all go bowling! I am not the greatest bowler but I still had a great time. Wilson ended up being the big winner bowling a 150!

This year for New Years we decided to spend it at the cabin with my parents, pax and his two friends, and Gregg and Cindy Hansen. This may have been my favourite days of the holiday! I love the feeling I get when I am there of complete relaxation yet we are so busy with adventurous things to do! We crossed country skied our hearts out! We had done it around the lake before but decided to try a trail this time. It was hard at first since it is pretty straight uphill but we got the hang of it and coming down made the hard work of getting up totally worth it! We also did some snow shoeing and that was great too. I think I'll just let the photos tell you how much fun we had!

*Disclaimer: There is an odd number of shots of my feet… I kinda like them though, the pictures not my feet, so I am going to keep them in. Sorry!*

Worst. Roads. Ever.

The boys playing a game to see who got the extra slice of pizza!

Women only snow shoe adventure!

We had a great holiday but are happy to be back in Arizona wearing our flip flops and shorts!