Sunday, May 5, 2013

Crafty Crafty

"the couple that crafts together...." 
ya I don't know they have fun

We decided that for our close friends baby shower we weren't going to give the normal newborn outfit or baby wipes. Cause we are OBVIOUSLY too cool for that. SO while my mom was here we happened to find this little wooden chair at a thrift/antique shop and we both fell in love! It needed a little work but we saw the potential! Thanks to a little Annie Sloan paint and a steady handed hubby I think it turned out really cute! We hope baby Riggs loves it too one day.

honestly he is going to make the greatest dentist! He has THE steadiest hand in. the. world.

he was patient with me! we tried the stencil and it sort of went everywhere. but he fixed it : )

gosh he's handsome

Well there you have it! A little side note I sorta tried some new photoshop techniques editing these haha figured these aren't going to clients so if they don't look fabulous no one will get mad at me! Kind of liberating really. 

OH and we won these fish at the baby shower!

There were three... and this morning there were two... and after church just one... It's looking like we aren't cut out for being the parents to fish. Sad.