Wednesday, April 10, 2013

This One Time I Got Engaged...

You know it's bad when you finally sit down to write a blog post after a few months and realize you have so much to write it's hard to know where to even start! Luckily this one time I started a blog post and didn't quite finish it so I figured what the heck it was about 4 months ago but it's a start? It's about how I had just gotten engaged! After reading it I realize two things...
1- I am so sappy and annoying A LOT when I blog... Sorry?
2- I was am the happiest and luckiest girl alive to BE married to Brett!

Just so this is documented somewhere since my journal writing doesn't exist... Here is our engagement story!

"I am currently sitting in the Mesa airport waiting for my flight and wondering why I am even boarding this plane when I have no desire to actually leave. Over that past 4 months Arizona has become a second home! I have travelled here 7 times in those 4 months and leaving just gets harder and harder every time. I also feel like someone from Allegiant Air should be giving me a free flight for Christmas or at least a REALLY nice treat basket full of all gluten free homemade goodies! You know you fly too much when you know the regular flight attendants and the people that run the gates! The bright side of all of this? I will only have to buy one more ticket with a return flight on it! In February, Glendale Arizona will become home! For at least 2 more years anyway! Why? Because I am engaged to the most handsome man in the world and he just happens to be going to school here in paradise! Go ahead and be jealous. I still wake up and have to pinch myself to make sure this is my real life!

So since this is my journal...(I know, I am the worst journal writer ever) I am going to document our proposal story! Brett did so good and followed all my requirements to a T :)

Well it all really started a month earlier when I came down to visit Brett for my birthday. He picked me up and spoiled me rotten all day! Later that night we were watching the Notebook (because he is the best). We were just talking about how annoying me leaving all the time was and how it would just be easier if we got married. Well that was about all it took and it got the ball rolling! I sent him a few pictures of the rings I liked and began waiting patiently... Okay I wasn't very patient. Especially when he told me a few weeks later that because he was studying for finals and finishing projects he just couldn't find time to get a ring before he came home for Thanksgiving break and that I would probably have to wait until Christmas. I was a little crushed... He was coming home for 2 weeks in November and I thought it was going to happen then. Now you might think I was being naive but Brett is a terrible liar... He smiles so big when he has a secret or he's trying to tell me a lie but he had a dead serious face when he told me. So I trusted him. Okay and ya I am really gullible! I like to say that I am very trusting... It sounds better. AND I was actually in Arizona during his finals week so when he told me he was busy I really knew he was!

We flew home together back to Canada after his finals, back to a complete blizzard! We even had to wait in the airplane for about an hour because the runway was so icy!

So much for +30 weather! After we dug the car out and drove very carefully we made it home! My mom had been planning on going down to our cabin in Montana for a few days to get some things worked out for the cabin we are building down there. I told Brett and we decided to join her and my Aunt Kathy! I was so excited to take him there! It is my favourite place to be and it is so gorgeous down there in the winter! So off we went on a little 2 night trip to Bitterroot.

We woke up the first morning and just had breakfast and talked for a while. Then my mom and Aunt Kathy were off to make cabin plans and that left Brett and I! We had decided the night before to spend most of the day quading on the trails and then meet up with the ladies for an early dinner.

{Before I continue I need to explain a little something to you. I am really pretty easy going as most of you know and don't really suffer from the Type A personality at all. BUT there are a few things in my life that I like done right. One of things things was going to be my engagement. SO one night when we were talking about getting married I explained to Brett my 3 Engagement Requirements. Don't judge me... The first being I had to look cute. I wanted to be showered and in a cutesy outfit. The second was I wanted it documented, so there needed to be a camera involved. The third and final thing is that I wanted to be surprised. Easy enough right? haha}

Okay so back to the story. I knew we would be quading and getting dirty all afternoon so I didn't want to shower before and then have to shower again after before dinner. Seemed reasonable to me? Well Brett said he was going to shower and asked if I should go first since I take longer. I said I wasn't going to shower. He said well maybe you should shower... I explained my whole sweaty/dirty argument and he still said I should and promised I wouldn't get dirty or sweaty. So feeling like I must be smelling bad or looking REAL bad I gave in and showered. I knew Brett would never hurt my feelings and tell me to shower if I didn't really need it! You are all thinking I am really slow right now I know... Because yes I still had no idea. So after we showered and got ourselves in our snow gear (well I had forgotten my boots so I had to wear my cute leather ones) we got on the quad. But not before Brett grabbed my camera ;) So we start quading around for oh lets say 10 mins and after we make it down this steep big hill the quad quits... Won't start or turn over at all. I feel bad because that is really the only thing to do at the cabin in the winter besides sit in the house and watch movies. So Brett tries and tries to get the thing started but nothing. Luckily this semi creepy man who has a rope offers to help us and give us a tow back to the cabin. Sadly our hopes of quading were dashed. I got the stuff out of the basket and thought we would call it a day. Then Brett asked if there are any good hiking trails need by. I hesitate...

{remember I am in my good cute leather boots at this point. Also not a HUGE hiking fan... even when it's +25 with no snow on the ground! I mean I'll do it but not my favourite thing to do in a foot of snow and in my good boots and snow pants}

Ya there is a trail right across the street actually, I tell him. Then quickly reminded him that I didn't want to get dirty and sweaty and that I wasn't wearing the proper footwear. He said oh we won't go for very long and it will be fun. So I didn't want to be the downer girlfriend and agreed to go along!

So we started hiking... and hiking... and hiking. He was sort of quiet on the hike up but I can always fill the silence with some rambling. FINALLY we got to the top of the path. We stopped for a few minutes and Brett asked if this was really it. "There isn't even a pretty view or anything?" He was disappointed and I could tell. I sort of felt bad but I was thinking that he was the one that wanted to hike, I would have been happy to lay in my PJS and watch a movie all day. Then he says "If we try and climb that rocky part do you think it will have a better view up there?" PAH are you kidding me... It was straight up and we would have needed those rock climbing gear things to make it up. I laughed thinking he was kidding but no he wasn't... but seeing my reaction he realized it wasn't going to happen. So we started making our way back down the trail!

About 5 mins later Brett asked me how much time grocery shopping at Costco with me had bought him
 {there is an inside joke here}
I told him at least a few years ;) and then next thing I knew he was down on one knee holding a box with the most BEAUTIFUL ring I had ever seen and said "How much time will this buy me?" and then went off saying cute things! Well I freaked out! Surprisingly no tears... I think I was just in shock and way to happy to cry! It was the greatest moment of my life! He was going to be all mine. Forever and ever. I literally floated down the rest of the trail and could not stop smiling!

It was the best day! Going home calling and facetiming all our family and friends was the best! Everyone was so excited for us and we loved it. We have the best family and friends ps! I can't wait to be a Mrs!! It will be the best :) Let the wedding planning begin!"

Oh look how excited I was haha I am so glad I wrote that all down though! It's so fun to read. I am excited to finally catch up on this blog and be able to write what I want! Oh and being a Mrs really is the best!