Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hello Summer

I keep seeing posts about how summer has finally made it's way to Southern Alberta... Ya you guys with your perfect plus 25-30C weather! I could punch you. When I walk outside my house it is a full on mad dash sprint to either my air conditioned car or the pool. Yesterday it got up to 52C and I thought I was going to die! I know I really have no place complaining because 9 months of the year I live in heaven but trust me... June July and Aug are brutal. Okay I am hearing myself and I am going to be the one to get punched pretty quick here... Sorry! I'm just jealous and missing SOAB summers is all! Please forgive me.

The last little while has been pretty calm around here and we have been loving it. Brett is in clinic now, working on real people, and has a pretty steady 8-5 schedule accompanied with NO studying! Which equals one real happy wife! I even had my first appointment with Dr. Holt the other day! He was very patient with me and made sure not to hurt me! I only got a cleaning done but still! It was painless! He has also done a few root canals, some extractions, and fillings! He is on his way to be an exceptional dentist : )

 I have been keeping busy with lots of editing (with my new photoshop 6! Loving it, my cousins are the best for getting it for me!), visiting teaching, cleaning, cooking... you know the usual. Lots of people share grave concern for me and my lack of a job but really I am working. I fly home almost every month and shoot as many sessions as I have time for and then fly home and edit! I am actually coming home July 24-30 to do shoots if anyone reading this is in need of a photographer... wink wink (shameless plug). Anyway even though you probably think I just sit at the pool or watch netflix all day I really do keep pretty busy.

My new Adobe Creative Suite 6! Thanks Peterson Family!

A necklace that the daughter of the lady I visit teach made for me :)

Here are some of the things we have been up to over the past few weeks:

  • Getting into shape - Brett is trying to gain weight, I am trying to lose it... I hate boys. We go almost every night after Brett is done school to his school gym and it has been working good! I also do a Jillian Michael's DVD every once in a while and she kills me. To the point of losing function of my legs for days.
  • Staying Cool - We have been to the pool here at our apartment complex a few times but had the opportunity to go to a Water Park in Phoenix! It was so much fun. I love crazy amusement park rides but for some reason the water park rides freak me right out! I like being strapped in and secure but with the watersides you don't have that. I could just shoot out the sides and no one can tell me differently. Brett rode them and I enjoyed watching! Seriously though, people would shoot off those rides losing half their swim suit and screaming their heads off. Quite entertaining.
  • Teaching - Brett and I both have callings in the Sunday School! I teach ages 12-13 and Brett teaches ages 14-15! I bawled the first day I got this calling. I have dreaded the day I would actually have to speak up in church. I never comment in class because I never feel like I actually know the answer and I have mild panic attacks when I get asked to pray. Brett was amazing and helped me through it and helped me plan my first lesson. I think I am getting better but every time one of the youth raises their hand to ask me a question I about pass out in fear I won't know the answer. 
  • Celebrating Our Countries - We went to an early 4th of July fireworks show this weekend and it was pretty good! We sort of pretended we were in Raymond for July 1st since we will be missing it this year :( It's Brett's favourite holiday and he is a little crushed we can't make it. I'm pretty bummed too! I bought us matching Canada shirts the last time I was home so we plan on sporting those tomorrow! Expect an Instagram about it.
Us at the fireworks show

We are loving our life in AZ but we are really looking forward to spending some time at the Maxwell Cabin in a few weeks! We miss our families and friends lots but I have to admit I like having Brett all to myself most days!
I hope everyone has an amazing Canada day and July 4th! 

Monday, June 3, 2013

California Love

My beautiful cousin got married this last weekend so the hubby and I made the trip over to beautiful California! I know I realize I haven't even posted about my own wedding yet... but that post will take time and effort... and since I can't use time as an excuse I am going with I don't have the effort! SO you get to take a little look at my weekend in Cali instead. I wasn't the official photographer at all but instead a bridesmaid! It was nice getting to actually enjoy a wedding without the stresses of being the photographer! I loved it. Mackenzie looked stunning (Not going to lie... I was jealous of the photographer who got to shoot her! She looked so beautiful!) and it was so nice to meet her now husband Jordan! Their venue was incredible and made me wish SOAB and Bakersfield could switch weather patters real bad so there were actually outdoor wedding venue options! A girl can dream right.

The Rehearsal Dinner-

Wedding Day-

iPhone Photos-

(stolen from Morgan)

I couldn't resist doing a little "Cousin Ring Shot" so this is my ring and Kenzie's ring! It turned our a little blurry but whatever! Both or pretty vintage and similar! Our guys did good : )