Friday, September 23, 2016

|| Beckett: 12 Months ||

AGE: 12 Months!

Size: 22lbs 7oz

Clothing Size: 12-18 months! He has always fit the sizes according to his age perfectly 

Eye Colour: Blue!!

Hair Colour: He has magic hair! In some lights it is quite red and in some it is quite brown. I just say reddish brown.

Teeth: 5 teeth!

New Developments: You have been walking and running like a mad man since you were 10 months! You love to climb the stairs as fast as you can. You can point to objects in books and pictures like cows, trucks, mom, and Thomas the train. You carry your mini stick around all day and everything is a ball. You also love balls and throw them around constantly! You also do this hilarious scrunchy smile and I cannot get enough of! It makes everyone's day when you flash it!

Moment To Remember:
Since I last posted there have been too many to count. Maxwell week at the cabin, Utah with the Holt's, Bible Camp with the Gibbs, going to AZ with your mom and dad, and Sept Long weekend at the cabin with the Dahl's!

This is my favourite thing lately! Your words. You say mom, dad, ball, Pax, Joc, treats, thanks, yep, no, bath, and he knows the animal sounds for a sheep "baaaa" , bear "grrrrr", fishy "bopbopbop", and snake "ssssss".

You have become such a better sleeper! You go to bed at around 8:30 and get up once or twice in the night for a bottle and then usually wake up for good in-between 9-11am! You have two 2-3 hour naps a day and love your bed!

Like always you are a smily laughing machine! It is so great!!

Beckett Likes:
Your hockey stick, balls, Thomas the Train, when people come to visit, your grandpas and your grandmas, climbing the stairs, being chased, eating "treats", going to the park, running the halls at church, hearing the garage door open meaning dad's home, and cuddling mom before going to sleep.

Beckett Dislikes:
Being told no, not being able to communicate, being cold, and getting his diaper and clothes changed.

Favourite Mommy Activity:
Reading books together and seeing you learn new things! Nothing is better than hearing you say a word for the first time or figuring out a new skill!

Favourite Daddy Activity:
Playing on the stairs. He chases you up and down and up and down! You also pass the ball down to him and he throws it up to you and you can't get enough!

Favourite Place To Sleep:
You're own bed. You won't sleep in my arms anymore :( and rarely fall asleep in the car! You sleep great in a playpen anywhere too! You are just a bed lover.

Favourite Toy:

What I've Learned:
These last 12 months have taught me more about myself that I ever thought possible! I have learned I can go on way less sleep than I thought. I never thought I would care so much about someone's potty schedule. No matter how bad my day is going if you give me a slobbery kiss I can't help but smile! You have made me so happy and I love you more and more each day!