Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekly Review

How is it winter already? I hate that there is so much snow on the ground already.... It's not even Halloween! It's just mean to make all the little kiddos go as eskimos! It is also not fair to make me freeze my hands and toes off every photo shoot I do! Every time I get in the car after a shoot my hands look like I suddenly aged and I'm 99 years old.  But it has come and I just have to live with it... Oh wait do I? Oh that's right... I leave to Arizona on Friday for a week! So excited!! Anyway this last week was a gooder and I want to remember it so here are a few pictures :)

First up we have my stunningly beautiful roommie Robyn! Don't be fooled this isn't breakfast this is dinner... Also this is just a little proof that I stayed at my house in Lethbridge a little last week ;)

It was Baby Ethan and Kate's baby shower! Doesn't she look AMAZING for just having a baby! 

I am a little obsessed with him! 

Just me and the bestie :)

Oh poor Russy... He had the nicest teeth and then hockey took them all :( So much for braces eh Russ?

On the weekend I went to Edmonton to shoot a wedding! Before I could go had to get the essentials...
-Oil Change
-TSwifts New Cd
-Awkward Selphie 

I chose to try and be cute at the wedding instead of dress for the weather... Mistake? Maybe...

You think they would have taken me serious at the wedding if I wore this bad boy?

These are just a few of my favourites from the day! Seriously how fabulous do they look! I wanted to steel her fur shawl SO BADLY!!
Go see the rest of their sneak peak

Well that about sums up my week! This week is going to be a lot less exciting... I am glued to my computer editing until Friday of coarse! Trying my best not to get distracted by Pinterest... never works though! I hope you all have a fabulous week :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

8 Months... Really?

Oh wait what? It has been almost 8 months since my last post? Seriously.... ugh sorry? I mean really who has noticed... Ya that's what I thought! So I guess a lot has happened but that is in the past so lets just focus on what is going on right now!

 (Disclaimer: This is the longest post in history...)

I am currently still living in Lethbridge with a fabulous group of ladies :) I have to be honest though... I don't spend a lot of nights there. Mostly you can find me in Magrath or Arizona. Ya I am that roommate. The phantom one that randomly shows up to get clean clothes and catch up on the boy drama... Every house needs one right? I vowed to do better and stay here more though! So we will see how that goes!

I have been jetting off every other weekend to Arizona to spend time with the handsomest boy in the world! He is the greatest :) Maybe I'll do a full post about him someday! For now I am just going to give you a little photo montage of my past few weeks according to Instagram and my Iphone :) The quality is terrible but whatever!

I did a lot of this! Solo road trips to and from Bitterroot Lake! We got a cabin this summer in Montana and it has been the greatest thing to happen to our family in a long time! We actually were just in the apartment at our spot on the lake called "Garagemahal"! It was great but we are underway on building the real cabin which will be ready in the Spring on 2013! Can't wait :)

Spent lots of time at these two places this summer!

I played tennis with a group of friends a few times this summer and ended up meeting this boy. The rest of summer was all about him :) 

My first trip down the Arizona! My cousin Tyler happens to own a house down there and they just happened to be going down their the same day Brett was going back to school so we ended up spending a week at their house together! It was the greatest.

Us at the baseball again

Two weeks later I was back! Can you blame me? This is on top of Thunderbird... Yes I hiked :) I don't think it really counts though... It is sort of like hiking Bears Hump, maybe easier...

Meanwhile back at home Pax had his 10th birthday! Can you believe he is that old. Make the clock slow down!!!

My bestie had a baby! Katelyn is the greatest mom and baby Ethan is so precious and I love him to death! I am also the best "aunt" ever :)

I went running outside one last time a week or so ago! It snowed a million inches today so it looks like it really is my last one :(

Mitchy Pants has been out for over a year now! Oh boy I can't wait for him to be home. Longest year of my life...

I went with my family to see the Calgary Temple and it was so beautiful. One of the best experiences I've ever had.

I turned 24. I'm old. I remember in high school thinking about what I would be doing when I was 24. Unmarried, living in Lethbridge, working as a photographer... ya not what I foresaw! Oh well :)
 I got to fly back to AZ to see Brett and it was the single greatest weekend of my life. He is amazing!

Just us :) He is so dreamy...

He got me this pandora bracelet and charm and it is so perfect! I love it!

What was the best part of my birthday gifts though? This boy wrote me a song and sang it to me on the guitar. Ya I know right! I'm the luckiest!!! (you can't tell but he is holding a guitar... it was really dark)

The next day we spent a few hours in the library while he wrote a paper and I edited! Then he took me to the Arizona State Fair! I LOVE LOVE rides so I was in heaven! And there was a real human body exhibit that he took me to and he loves that sort of thing cause he is a genious :) You KNOW I must really like him to go look at dead bodies. I almost fainted while dissecting the pig in grade 12...

Our fortuning cookies that night at dinner. Brett's is the top, Mine is the bottom.

He loves when I take pictures of him! Look how happy he is ;)

Last one and one of my favourites is of us riding the farris wheel :)

Okay that's all for the pictures and this STUPIDLY long post! I am going to be better now and posts lots. I say this every time so I understand if you don't believe me... I don't know if I even believe me.... I guess we will see!