Friday, November 11, 2011

A Thousand Years

I felt like this blog title sums up my life right now. Reasons?
-I feel like it has been that long since I have blogged
-I feel like it has been that long since Mitch has been gone
-It is the title of my favorite song right now  Christina Perri - A Thousand Years
- I feel like I will be editing for that long
-It's going to take that long for me to unpack... again :S

So there you go!
I also feel like I could have blogged a thousand times between now and my last post but somehow that didn't happen! A lot has happened though! So much that I don't even know where to start! 

Well we could start with how my summer was! It was full of really two things.... family and weddings! Two of my most favorite things! I also went on a few vacations that were so much fun! I went on a road trip with Mitch all the way to Cali and it was the best thing I did all summer! I miss that boy A LOT! 

Us at the Jazz vs Laker game!

We went to a session of conference! It was amazing!

and of course seeing Morgs was a HUGE bonus :)
In Cali! Loved the pool and the heat but especially seeing the Cali Maxwells!

We played a lot of horse and honestly no lie I won every game...

Us at the hockey game! Miss him...

After Cali only 10 days later we were off to Arizona with the FOF (aka family of friends... and yes I came up with this nickname and it has stuck!) I seriously have the best times with these ppl!

I think this should be our family Christmas Card this year?
I love these guys more than anything!!

My momma is a fox

Had to add one of Princess Carsy ;) Love you!

Most of the FOF :)
Then of course there was the annual Echo trip the with FOF which was really fun! I didn't really take any pictures though! Which I def regret!! But what can you do! We couldn't boat this year so we had to sort of make up our fun! We played a lot of cards, did some shopping, watched some movies, sun tanned and the usual things! I also went on a canoe trip with Russ and Ty and of course didn't paddle once haha That's how I prefer to canoe... Judge me if you want! We canoed around the lake and saw all the damage the water had done and it was crazy! We also did a trip down the river in inner tubes! Oh boy so many laughs!! My dad and Ken definitely supplied some side splitting laughter! OH BOY! Overall it was a great trip :)

We also went to Fairmont for our Matkin Family Reunion! It was sort of a sad one since it was our last one. We had been doing it forever but we had outgrown Fairmont so we decided to have one last shebang! I will REALLY miss it! We had so much fun though! Lots of swimming, games, and visiting!
Love these ladies! My grandma is amazing!

Editing. This is where I was a lot of my time there!

All the attendants of the Matkin Reunion 2011

Another cool thing that happened was the Russ made it to the Canadian World Series in baseball and they won! He went with my "other brother's" Tyler Hansen and Brooks Maxwell! Those three have gotten to do so many cool things through sports! They then went to the World Serious in South Carolina and my mom and Mitch got to go! SO me and Joc thought we would try and support from home :)

Pax felt left out.... he's so cute haha

Okay can I just say that I love my little sister SO much!
She is the most gorgeous girl I know inside and out!
She is always there for me and I appreciate her so much :)

I also shot what I feel like was a thousand weddings! OH MY! I loved it of course but has proven to be a ton of work! I edit everyday and still have so much to do.... thanks for any one reading this who is being patient! I love you :) 

We also had to say goodbye to Mitch for 2 years as he goes to serve the lord in West Virginia. I miss him ever day and feel like he should be coming home any day now but he has only been out for 2.5 months... oh boy this is going to be a LONG 2 years! He is the greatest example to me and I am so unbelievable proud of him! He is amazing. His fairwell talk was completely fantastic! He knocked it out of the park for sure! I mean I balled the whole time starting with the opening song... Joc and I really struggled that day in the tear department! Poor Craig had to sit in between two girls on the verge of the ugly cry for an hour! I will miss him but I know he is doing what he is supposed to even though it's really hard!
Mitchy Pants is a handsome boy :)

Overall my life this summer was perfect :) I loved it all very much! I have also moved houses twice and have a new job all of which maybe I will blog about sometime! Also Chelan you are welcome and you should be proud of me!