Wednesday, December 31, 2014

|| Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal ||

As the title stolen from my favourite Christmas movie says, Merry Christmas! It's over but I still find myself wishing the Walmart cashier and friendly stranger a Merry Chrstmas to which they reply with "Happy New Year". I want to tell them to stop it because I am just not ready for Christmas to be over quite yet! How did it all go by so fast… darn. Before I get into how magical this Christmas was I have to tell you I had big goals and dreams of documenting this whole holiday with pictures, videos, and all sorts of things but what happened to those plans? They never happened. I even went as far to pick out songs to put to a video. Time wasted. My iPhone was the only thing that did any documenting and I hate that. Oh well what can you do! Better than nothing maybe…

***Detailed Post Ahead, Proceed With Caution***

I don't really think anyone besides me will find this post interesting but hey I need to write it down and here is the only place I will do it!

We got to SOAB late on Friday night and had a big day ahead of us. I couldn't even sleep. You know when you have to wake up early the next day and even though you have checked your alarm 18539 times you still keep waking up every hour scared you have slept in? Ya that was me. I was in charge of doing the videography for Mataya (Brett's cousin) and Jimmy's wedding that day and I was real nervous. I have really only done the video for one other wedding so ya nervous. It turned out to be really fun though and I hope it all comes together good! Fingers crossed for me k? I mean if I can't make those two look good I might as well just hang up my camera for good! Models those two. Tay seriously couldn't have looked better! I was dying. It was a full day but a really good one! So glad we were able to be there.

The Sunday before Christmas is my favourite Sunday of the year. It is known at our house as "Lisa's Sunday". She goes all out to make sure the day is very special. The first thing we do is all us go to church together. My dad is the bishop of my family ward in Magrath and he decided for the program all the missionaries that were out in our ward (7) would write 2 paragraphs home about their feelings on Christmas. It was awesome. Especially since Russell happens to be one of those missionaries! Each mom of the missionary came up and read their son or daughter's message and then there was a song in-between each one. Talk about incredible! I didn't want it to end. The message in Relief Society was also great. I sometimes feel bad for the men who miss out on being apart of the RS because I always feel so uplifted and recharged after hearing the lesson!

After church on Christmas Sunday we head back to my parents house and set up for a big fondue dinner! We seriously eat every kind of food you can imagine eating fondue style. It is so delicious! My personal favourite is the dessert chocolate fondue with fruit! So yummy! After we are so stuffed we all can barely move we have a little "program". We have a spiritual message usually given by my dad and Mitch which is always awesome. Then we have a game! So many classic lines and moments have come out of this over the years! So dang funny! This year it was my turn to say the line we will all remember. Who knew chinchilla wasn't a small furry dog? Whoops… After the games we watch a movie together. This time I had to leave early to catch another party but they watched Christmas Vacation and all said it was great!

I had to rush out early to make it the 1st Annual Gibb Girls Christmas Sock Party! I married into the most fun family ever. I feel so grateful to have such awesome in-laws! We ate food we had never tried before and each got to go home with a cute sock full of goodies! Definitely looking forward to next year!

Tuesday brought a first time event for Brett and I, Gibb Family Caroling! We lucked out with the weather being +4C so it made it a lot more fun I think! We sang all sorts of Christmas and Primary songs! The kids all looked so cute all bundled up and I love making these great memories with so many people that I love.

Finally we are at Christmas Eve! Christmas Eve and Christmas day get pretty crazy for us trying to make it to everything! It's not my favourite thing but Brett really likes it so I am learning to be happy about it too! haha So our day starts out at the Magrath Ice Arena for a little skate around! The kids and girls skate for the first half hour and then the boys play a little hockey game! I love this tradition, it's one of my favourites!

We then headed to Raymond to spend some time with the Holts! We had yummy enchiladas and played games! Then we head over to the Elementary school gym in Raymond to eat some more and then play bump, horse, volleyball, and all sort games! This year I was on the winning volleyball team so that made it extra special ;) After the games we ran back to the Holts to go take an annual photo in front of Brett's Grandpa Holt's grave and light an ice candle. They have been doing it ever since he passed away. It is a really cool tradition. After that we head back to Brent and Julie's and open jammies and then have a white elephant game! It is one of my favourite things we do all Christmas! This year I ended up with Lulu gloves that I love! We rushed back over to the Holts to open more jammies and take some photos! I love getting so many new jammies, it is the greatest! Then we go back to Magrath to sleep in the living room with all my siblings and wait for Santa to come! (Crazy day eh?)

Here it is!!! Christmas Day!! This year we woke up bright and early and opened our gifts in Magrath! We got spoiled rotten like usual! We got so many great things from my parents! Brett also crushed Christmas. He is the greatest and always gets me exactly what I need and want! It's a real bonus to have a hubby with good taste and one that listens to you through out the year! After we opened with my family we rushed over to the Holts to open with them and the spoiling continued! I can't thank our parents enough for their generosity! It makes me teary to think of how kind they are to us not only on Christmas but throughout the whole year. We had to run back to Magrath at 10:45am because my favourite part of Christmas was happening at 11:00am. Our amazing missionary, Anziano Maxwell, skyped us and it was really the best. I cried a few times but he was so happy and so positive! I miss that boy so much! Life is just a little lot less funny and exciting when he is gone! 

After I collected myself… We went to eat Holt Breakfast back in Raymond! I love that breakfast, Mike always does such a good job! We got ready and hangout there for awhile until we were off to Cardston for dinner with my grandma Matkin and my Matkin family! Grandma Matkin is the best cook ever and with the help of my aunts it turned out to be the best dinner! I was so full after I couldn't move! The turkey and early morning hit Brett and so he had a little sleep! We all loved baby Mary and she got lots of attention from the baby loving Maxwells!

Our Christmas day wasn't quite over yet! We headed back to Raymond for the Gibb dinner at Dana and Mike's! There are so many cute babies it was heaven! There was a cute little program where some kids sang and then everyone had to tell their favourite thing about Christmas. It was a great way to finish off a great day!

Whew that was a marathon but it's over! It was a great few days and I wish I could do it over again! Next up our post Christmas days and New Years activities!!