Wednesday, November 2, 2016

|| Happy Halloween 2016 ||

This really shows how happy Becks was about taking a break from handing out candy and getting some pictures...

I can't believe Halloween has come and gone! We had such a great time this year! Last year I had a month old baby and could barely get dressed let alone plan 3 costumes... (we went as a deer, and two lumberjacks... no supplies were bought). This year however we planned ahead and got all our gear a few weeks before the big day. I love doing family costumes and hope it's a tradition but lets me real I'm sure the days of me getting to pick Beckett's costume are numbered, but until then I'm the boss! 

We started the night in Magrath. We tried to get some pictures but Beckett really wasn't having it. He was ticked that we took him from Grandpa and his candy handing out duties... and my camera battery was dead so we didn't get all the ones I really wanted. I wanted just one of him by himself but he didn't.  Oh well I will probably dress him up later this week and take some after he has had a good long nap! Better late than never! 

He didn't totally understand what was happening but he was excited about it! He held two tootsie roll packages in his hands and would squeeze them and freak out every time someone would come to the door! He loved helping Grandpa Greg hand out candy! We trick or treated to a few houses but it was pretty chilly for Becks even with a quilt wrapped around him so it was short lived. 

Then we headed to Raymond to make our stops there! First was Grandpa and Grandma Holt's house. You would have thought it was more like Christmas with all the goodies Becks got! You can be sure we will be stopping there every Halloween ;) After some pictures we headed to Gpa Bob and Gma Helen's and then to Dana's. We partied hard but when Beckett hit his wall he hit it hard and fast!

It was a great Halloween and I loved it! Can't wait till next year!

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