Monday, March 7, 2016

|| Sicky Sick Sickerson ||

Having a sick baby is hard. Like really hard. Even when your baby tries so hard to be happy and not drive you up the wall, it's still hard. Like really hard. The last 2 weeks = hardest mommy weeks. Okay that is a lie. The first few weeks were way harder. You know the ones before Beckett got his tongue tie clipped and I was up every hour for so feeding him for 45mins and then getting 30 mins of sleep before the next feeding? Ya okay, those were harder. But having a sick baby is sucky too! You just wish you could be the sick one. I can blow my nose if it's stuffy, I can take big girl cough medicine that knocks me out and lets me sleep, I can suck on a cough drop, I can tell the doctor what's bothering me, and I know that someday it will end. Beckett on the other hand couldn't do any of those things. The people of Nose Frida should really contact me, I would be a great spokeswomen for them! If you don't have one, get one. Now. Luckily this weekend and today little Becks has felt so much better! His nose is free from a constant snot fountain and his lungs are finally allowing him to breathe freely! Hooray!
Here is a list of things that made the last week a little easier for us. With cold and flu season in full swing I thought this might be helpful!

1. Nose Frida
2. Infant Tylenol
3. Steam Bath
4. Nursing A LOT
5. Fresh Air
6. Help From My Husband and Mom (sometimes you have to take a break)
7. Naps, Naps, and More Naps

I know nothing crazy new but I was willing to try anything when he was sick and these are what worked for us! I hope if you are reading this you have healthy babies and don't need this post and are just here to enjoy some Beckett spam :)


  1. Sick babies, breaks my heart!! :'( Hope you can catch up on some Zzzz's this week! And Beckett too.

  2. Oh man, poor sick babies are hard! Remi has been all sorts of snotty and feverish the past couple of days and I feel so bad! I'm always in for a little Beckett spam too though - he's crazy handsome, Megs!